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The Association Of Worldwide Film Laboratories
Creates A New Alternative For International Distribution Services.

Film distributors and studios now have an alternative laboratory system to serve the exploding international marketplace.

The Worldwide Motion Picture Laboratory Association, or WMPLA, will change the landscape of international distribution for both US and foreign producers. WMPLA with its economies of scale offers film makers and studios highly competitive business terms. The organization will be instrumental in setting uniform international standards for responsive service, product quality and technical consistency.

Bill Sullivan, a seasoned industry veteran, has been named to direct the WMPLA. Mr. Sullivan has broad experience in worldwide film distribution and has held executive positions with Columbia Pictures and Warner Bros. "Bill is well known and respected within the international film production community for his extensive knowledge of this business," said Jerry Virnig of CFI. Bertrand Dormoy of Eclair added that, "the WMPLA is fortunate to have such an experienced leader guiding our organization."

WMPLA is an affiliation of leading independent laboratories in the U.S., Europe, South America and South Pacific/Asia region. It provides film distributors with integrated release printing services which lowers costs, simplifies the distribution process, and sets high uniform technical standards for image quality worldwide.

We offer to write network software, which is adjusted to Clients. We make easier and automate their industrial process, contact with Clients or control orders.

ARRI-contrast GmbH
Charlottenburger Chaussee 51-55
D-13597 Berlin (Ruhleben)

Arri-contrast GmbH bietet beutschen Filproduzenten ebenso wie internationalen Filmver¬eihern ein breltes Spektrum von Film-, Ton- und Video- Services. Hierzu gehören:
16/Super 16 und 35mm Negativentwicklung, Tages-Muster auf Film oder Videotape, Negativshnitt, Ilchtbestimmte Erstkopien, Verielhkoplen mit analogem und/order digitalem Lichtton in Dolby SR, SR.D sowie in DTS. Zwei leistungsfähige Ton-Mischungen für Kino und TV und der Film-Videotransfer direkt vom Negativ vervolistandigen das Angebot.

ATLAB, Austrialia
47 Hotham Parade (PO Box 766)
Artarman NSW 2064 Australia

Atlab, Australia, supports a local film production industry as well as international film distributors offering a full range of film and video services: 16 and 35mm camera negative developing, dailies, editing, fully timed answer prints, release prints with analog and/or digital sound tracks, and film-to-video transfers in all formats.

Consolidated Film Industries
959 Seward Street
Hollywood, California 90038

CFI Laboratory services include film processing in three formats: 35mm, 65/70mm & 16mm.

Videotape services include negative daily transfers from Super 35, 35mm, Super 16, 16mm, and 3 perf to D1, D2, Beta SP, and digital Beta Cam. Digital mastering features include: DaVinci 8:8:8 with artisian SGI; Hi-Res 8:4:4 digital Rank with Meta speed; Digital Vision 8:4:4 scratch, dirt and noise reduction.

CFI Imaging Group creates specialized opticals ranging from animated sequences to multi-layered effects. Computer graphic title design and production in both film and videotape finishes.

A sound stage, screening rooms, production and editorial offices are all located within the CFI complex.

CMS, Content Management System is a set of web application for easy data updating and extension WWW serve per staff untechnical. Modification and add news materials to serve is holding per simple in quick service interface user in WWW site called managing panel.

8/16, av. de Lattre de Tassigny
93800 Epinay/Seine France

Eclair offre à la profession de Production de film une gamme très large de prestations support «Film» et support «Vidéo» : dèveloppement négatif 16mm et 35mm, ler positif, montage négatif, copie d´éléments photochimiques sur tous formats magnétiques, analogiques ou numériques.

Barrandov Film Laboratories
Køí eneckého námisti
152 00 Praha 5
Czech Republic

Barrandov Film Laboratories are part of Barrandov Studios. This convenient position enables the labs to provide effect overnight service for daily works.

Barrandov Laboratories services include colour and B & W 16 and 35 mm. film processing (regularly approved by KODAK), negative cutting, film subtitling, video services, sale of KODAK camera negative.

Lider Cine Laboratories s.a.
959 Zaira Rodrigues
Blvd. 28 de Setembro 168
20551 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 20551-031

Lider Laboratories, located in both Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, is widely recognized as Latin America’s best film lab and has always kept itself on the cutting edge of technological development. Lider services include Titles & Opticals, Production Facilities and Special Services.

Developing is offered in S-35mm, 35mm, 16mm, S-16mm, providing negative developing, normal & forced developing and sound track negative.

Film and Video Dailies, Answer Prints, Release Contact Prints-Digital Sound Formats (from Original Negative or Intermediate Negative), Overlay Subtitle Bands, Intermediates After Answer Prints; Liquid, Wet and Submerged Gate printing.

Labmatic co..
Wapienicka 24a
43-300 Bielsko Biala
POLAND Labmatic co. web site

Labmatic company operates on the IT market from 1999 year, first under the name of BBA NET. From the beginning the company has taken care of new informatics technologies with largest pressure on the technologies use in Internet. As a BBA NET company we have realized many projects also financed from European Union assets. As a team of specialists we propose our Clients the inventive, innovation and effective solution. We always approach to each projects individually which result the increase of profits our customers. The motto of our working is: “The are no things impossible”.

Custom Software Solution

We offer to write network software, which is adjusted to Clients. We make easier and automate their industrial process, contact with Clients or control orders.

One of key web technologies we are currently usingto deliver web solutions to out partners is Ruby on Rails, one of most brillant open-source web framework. With Rails Engines we have boosted the speed of developing web apps and increased quality of the products with unit and functional testing for reusable components packet into custom "engines".

We are expecting to expecting to enhance the user experience with even more AJAX thanks to latest addition of RJS tempates in RoR.

Web design, programming, 3d visualization, custom software solution, hosting, domian


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